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Events are where we gather to share IDEAS, PROJECTS, & INSPIRATION.

Clip: “Why a Book” a special event presented by Karen Ray and Kerri Kearney in April 2024. Members can view the recording with notes and resources.

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With a little Julia Child-like magic, you'll see how a digital project can come together to share a family story. Each event curated with special guests

An occasional topic of tips and techniques for common tools you can use in your own family history projects. Watch for these special events every few months.

Fun brainstorming events held twice a month where we challenge each other with ways to tell a story, or solve a problem. Join us, won’t you?

Featuring expert photo organizer Kathy Stone as she walks through the steps she’s taking in her own projects from tubs-to-tales. Reserve a spot!

Questions & Answers.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Not at all. Membership and our programs are free to the public. When you sign up for this program we'll add you to our list to hear about other programs, you can always unsubscribe.

Can I view a recording?

You’re welcome to subscribe to become a member of Projectkin at any time. Membership is free and gives all members access to recordings, resources, and recipes as shared using the Substack newsletter platform. More at Projectkin.org

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You had a button for donations with each event. What happened?

Event participants and members were very generous. However, it didn’t feel right to peg donations to events. Expenses are real, however.

In moving out of Eventbrite, I’ve added what amounts to a tip jar using the “buy me a coffee” platform for one time donations. More about our operations at Projectkin.org/about.






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