A community of family historians HOOKED on STORIES.

Welcome to Projectkin, a community of family historians hooked on stories. Through live events, shared resources, and online conversations we invent and refine creative ways to capture and preserve our stories.

Re-imagined as PROJECTS and independent of vendors, we freely combine our narratives with media, maps and more — all without regard to platform or tool.

Today's digital world can add layers of complexity and risks. We navigate these challenges by sharing best practices, frugal solutions, and project recipes — with a cautious eye to protecting privacy and preserving archives.

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A free series of short, online talks

At Projectkin, we host free events share updates with via email. As a subscribing member, you’ll gain access to not only great resources, but also a community of fellow storytelling enthusiasts.

It’s a free educational community with peers sharing what we’ve learned to everyone’s benefit. Join us for our free online events at


Event topics include …

  • Brainstorming Project Clinics

  • Kathy Stone’s Kathy’s Corner, your “sherpa over Mt. Inertia” to get you through projects

  • Project Recipe events detailing the why’s, how’s, and what-ifs of actual projects

  • Special topics on technology, tips, and insights





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