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Died 1887 at Vaxholm at the age of 22.

Our trip to Dublin, which began as a fact-finding mission, has itself become another story to tell over a dinner table. While some facts remain elusive, others provide a window into lives lived.

It existed in 1842 when my great grandfather Horace Aubrey Cox was baptised and it doesn’t appear on modern maps. It is somewhere in the parish of St Mary, Lambeth in what is now London.

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Melissa Ann Kitchen for the Projectkin Members' Corner

The first of the Hills to come into Steuben County, New York, was Richard Lord Hill, my third great-grandfather.

My 2x great grandmother was an Earl Grey Famine girl who came to live a long and successful life.

Pen, Paper, and Mindset

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The ways a family tree can twirl and spin to create shadows and unexpected growths.

I was sitting beside my dad in front of a microfilm reader in Manchester’s Central Library when we first discovered our Irish ancestor William Kirby.

Wrapped in fog from Nova Scotia with thoughts of ancestors and T. S. Eliot's “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”





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